SilverStone Sugo SG09: SFF microATX Case

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With its small size, we expected assembly in the SG09 to be tedious, but as the drives and power supply mount from the right side, we didn't encounter much difficulty. We do recommend you plug in front panel connectors before mounting the board as it is hard to reach in afterwards.

The mounting bar doesn't offer much support for full sized hard drives. Rubber grommets dampen the mating between the bar and the chassis but the drives are hard-mounted and only at center.

The power supply frame is attached via three mounting holes at the back of the PSU.

Fully assembled, our system was fairly neat, partly because we used a modular power supply. One thing we noticed is the lack of cable tie-down points. By our measurements, the case can take a CPU cooler 16.9 cm tall and a graphics card 34.2 cm long.

When we reviewed the FT03, the power cable interfered with the switch at the back of our power supply, preventing it from being turned on. The same issue is present in the SG09 but to a lesser degree. The switch can be turned on but if enough pressure is applied to the side panel, the switch can be flipped.

The power supply mounting isn't very secure. It's supported by a pair of silicone covered rails but the frame is attached with only two screws at the back.

The only convenient place to manage cables is on the 80 mm fan placement on the right side.

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