Nanoxia Deep Silence 1

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Assembling a system in the Deep Silence 1 is straightforward. The only difficulty we ran into was removing the tightly fitted hard drive cages. We found it easier if the top two cages were removed as a single unit, then separated outside the case. We also experienced some tedium tying up the cables at the back as the fan controller adds a few extra bunches of wires.

One issue with the Deep Silence 1 is its incredibly restrictive hard drive cages. The sides of the cage have very small slots between each bay, blocking most of the airflow from the front intake fans. If you don't need that much storage, it's best to remove the unused cages completely.

The case is quite spacious even with our CrossFireX configuration installed. By our measurements, the maximum CPU cooler height is 17.1 cm, while video cards up to 31.6 cm long can be installed if you leave the adjacent drive cages in place. We began testing the system with the top hard drive cages in place but ended up removing them by the end as they proved to be a hindrance.

We had no complaints regarding cable management. There are plenty of locations for tying up wires.

There's 1.7 cm of clearance here but as the side panel has 2 mm thick foam, you're left with 1.5 cm which isn't a lot if thicker cables are bundled together.

The LED surrounding the power button is a delightful, non-invasive shade of green. The button itself is a little wobbly and doesn't sit flush against the surface.

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