Phanteks PH-TC12DX CPU Cooler

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The Phanteks PH-TC12DX sports a copper base soldered to 4 x 6 mm thick "U" shaped copper heatpipes with 48 aluminum fins, all nickel-plated. We measured it to be 158 mm tall and approximately 520 grams while the fans add an additional 140 gram each to the total weight. By modern standards its size is on the conservative side.

The heatpipes on each side have their own set of fins while a gap is left in the center, reminiscent of Prolimatech coolers like the Megahalems and Armageddon. The heatpipes on modern towers are typically fanned out to give them more breathing room but the TC12DX has the pipes aligned in straight rows.

The fins are an average of 0.39 mm thick and spaced an ample 2.3 mm apart, suitable for good low airflow cooling.

The TC12DX's nickel-plating shines nicely in the right lighting conditions. The base is similarly plated. The mounting clip is pre-installed, secured above the base with a single thumbscrew.

The base surface is very slightly convex, jutting out in a small mound at the center to maximize thermal dissipation. Most of a CPU's heat is in the middle of the heatspreader.

Like the TC14PE, the TC12DX's fans have ridges on the blades, along the the edges on the exhaust side, and three placed equal-distant at the center of the blades on the intake side.

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