Phanteks PH-TC12DX CPU Cooler

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The most critical aspect of installation is that the heatsink be securely mounted. A firm mating results in good contact between the heatsink's base and the CPU heatspreader and more efficient heat conduction. Ideally it should also be a simple procedure with the user having to handle as few pieces of hardware as possible.

Mounting hardware and fan accessories.

The PH-TC12DX employs a mounting system similar to that used on Thermalright, Noctua, and Prolimatech coolers. Bolts go through the backplate and plastic spacers, and are secured to mounting clips with nuts.

The crossbar above the base is attached to the clips with spring-loaded bolts. This scheme exerts considerable pressure on the base and is easy to remove for maintenance. Isolation strips are applied to the heatsink surface to create separation for the fan and damp vibration.

Fully installed with fans mounted. Notice how the fan clips are almost flush against the sides of the fans. This creates compatibility issues with 14 cm fans even if they have the appropriate 12 cm mounting holes.

The heatsink comfortably clears the VRM heatsinks around the CPU socket of our test board, with a distance of 46 mm between the motherboard and the bottom fin.

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