Streacom FC8 Evo Fanless Mini-ITX Chassis

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Like other passively cooled cases, assembling a system inside the FC8 Evo is a bit more involved than with the typical SFF case. The heatpipes have to be mated to the side of the case one end, and to a baseplate that draws heat from the CPU on the other. This baseplate also needs to be secured to the CPU socket, so there are three sets of mounting gear that have to be aligned together.

To ensure effective heat transfer, a liberal amount of thermal compound is required to fill the gaps between the heatpipes and the pieces with which they come into contact.

The backside of CPU socket also has to prepped with nuts that are attached with adhesive.

The flat side of the base goes over the CPU while the grooves on the top make contact with the heatpipes. A mounting plate goes over the pipes, secured to the base using hex screws. Spring loaded bolts are then used to press everything together.

The heatpipes are similarly sandwiched against the side of the case with a pair of connector blocks. Leave everything partially installed until all the pieces are lined up properly, then slowly start tightening and adjusting the base, heatpipes, and block positioning as necessary. It's advisable to clean up any extraneous thermal compound that will undoubtedly smear and push out during this process so it doesn't get on your fingers later when/if you need to service the system.

Fully assembled, the pipes ran over the SATA connectors of our ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe, creating some minor routing issues.

The drive tray sits over the board. A 2.5 inch drive can be mounted near the I/O panel while a slim 5.25 inch optical drive can be installed at the front. There's also a spot for a 3.5 inch drive option underneath but as the tray is rather thin and there's no support on the underside, it's not a very sturdy place to mount a drive.

A Kingston SSD was selected to make our system truly silent.

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