Icy Dock Blizzard HDD Enclosure & EZ-Dock Docking Station

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The Blizzard measures 23.7 x 12.6 x 14.6 cm or 9.3 x 5.0 x 5.7 inches (L x W x H) and weighs approximately 650 grams or 1.4 lb (similar to the weight of a typical high capacity 3.5 inch hard drive). The exterior is composed of black plastic with a matte finish. The enclosure's fan is mounted to a front vent with a vertical grill which extended down the spine to give it a more inclusive uniform aesthetic.

The Blizzard's odd contours are complemented by the slightly depressed nameplate. If you look at it from the corner of your eye it almost looks like a distortion in the space-time continuum. The enclosure is tool-less — pressing the buttons at the sides looses the fan compartment so you can pull it off with your fingers.

The enclosure's extra features makes the rear panel surprisingly packed. There's a triple toggle switch (High/Low/Auto) to control the fan speed and a dial to adjust the LED luminosity. There are ventilation holes on both sides but they are miniscule. The plastic feet are broad, making it difficult to knock over by accident.

Inside, the drive is guided along rails to the connectors at the back. At the top/front, there's a small green and orange LED indicating power and activity respectively. Despite the plastic housing, it appears to be sturdy. The walls are thick and if the enclosure is knocked over, the corners preventing it from falling as far/hard as a rectangular casing.

The 80 mm fan has a distinctly industrial looking design with a large hub at the center, creating a significant dead-spot. As it's only tasked with cooling a single drive, it should still be able to generate a satisfactory level of airflow.

The fan gets its power through two metal contacts at the bottom of the enclosure.

Powering the enclosure and drive is an Energy Star class V compliant 12V adapter with a total output of 2.0A for 24W — plenty for any modern hard drive.

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