Antec Super Lanboy

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Jan 3, 2004 by Ralf Hutter

Antec Super Lanboy
Manufacturer / Supplier
Antec Inc
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The Super Lanboy is a updated version of Antec's original Lanboy. Antec had a minor hit on their hands with the original Lanboy, their first case designed especially for LAN party gaming enthusiasts. It was small, constructed out of lightweight aluminum, had a window paired with case lighting and even included a nylon carrying strap that allows the case/pc to be toted about like a suitcase.

The Super Lanboy adds more up-to-date features such as dual 120mm case fan capability and front I/O ports. Antec also includes a number of "Quiet Computing" features such quiet 120mm fans and removable drive trays with grommet mounts to reduce drive vibration noise. As with the original Lanboy, no PSU is included, so the user can install one of their choice, from mild to wild.

Super Lanboy box. Is this studly guy a "Super Lanboy"?



* Durable anodized aluminum finish
* Clear side window
* Front ports: 2x audio, 2x USB
* One low-speed 120mm fan (rear)
* One low-speed 120mm blue LED fan (front)
* 9 Drive Bays:
- External: 3 x 5.25", 2x 3.5"
- Internal: 4 x 3.5" individual drive trays with rubber grommets to absorb vibration
* Motherboards: up to Standard ATX
* Compatible with any ATX12V power supply
* Free case-carrying strap

Exterior view. Looks quite handsome.

Antec calls the Super Lanboy a "super mini tower". The layout of the Super Lanboy and the popular Sonata case are almost identical, from the number and position of the drive bays to the 2 x 120mm case fans and external size. Its dimensions are 16.5"(H) x 17.1"(D) x 8.2"(W), almost identical to the Sonata, but weight is just 8.8 lbs compared to the 21 lbs of the standard steel Sonata.

The internal HDD bays are laid out in the same 90° orientation that is becoming the norm for Antec, and include the same type of snap-in drive sleds with grommet mounting points for the hard drives. These trays, like the rest of the case, are constructed from aluminum. The external 5.25" drives are mounted by screwing them directly into the drive cage. Antec has chose not to use the more familiar drive rails for the Super Lanboy.

The case is constructed of anodized aluminum. Thickness is not specified but I measured it at .030" or .8mm. The edges have been deburred and most are rolled over to prevent cuts while working inside the case. Many of the slots and holes, while not having any burrs, are fairly sharp. I did scratch myself a few times while running wiring through the tighter places inside the case.

Both side panels are removable by thumb screws and sliding the doors back about 1/2" until they can be pulled free of the case. The removable right side door is a welcome change from the original Lanboy and Sonata cases. It's nice to have direct access to the connectors on the hard drive bays, something that isn't possible on the Sonata. Both doors have locking hasps on them, presumably to lock the case to prevent unauthorized hardware removal.

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