Antec Super Lanboy

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The Super Lanboy interior consists of a non-removable motherboard tray that is predrilled to accept standoffs for either full size ATX boards or m-ATX boards.There's a standard ATX power supply mounting setup with a couple of ledges for the PSU to rest on.

Super Lanboy interior. Very little wasted space here.

The 5.25" drives are mounted by screwing the drives directly onto the cages, Antec has chosen not to use the more convenient drive rails on the Super Lanboy, instead requiring that the optical drives be bolted directly to the drive cage.

The exterior 3.5" drive cage is also not removable. This saves Antec a few ducats but it also may have the advantage of making for a more sturdy mounting arrangement that is less prone to vibration.

Left: Interior 3.5"drive bays with grommet mounts. Right: 5.25" railless drive bays and fixed 3.5" bays.

Each drive sled for the internal 3.5" drive cage has four black rubber grommets on the bottom for mounting the hard drives. The rubber grommets are supposed to help dampen vibration from the drives. Antec provides special shoulder bolts that give the right amount of tension when the bolts are tightened until they bottom out on the drive.

120mm front fan, bolted directly to the case, incorporates a blue light around its periphery.

The clear plastic 120mm front is described as "low noise". It is also lighted by a blue LED, the glow of which shows up behind the clear front fan guard. This fan is bolted directly to the case wall itself. At 12V its not particularly noisy but its too loud for what I'd consider a quiet PC. The LED around the fan was illuminated even when I ran the fan at 5V. At 12V the light is brighter than at 5V but its not too obnoxious.

Illuminated front fan running at 12 volts. Snazzy, huh?

The rear 120mm fan is another clear plastic fan but without LED lighting. Antec also calls this a "low noise" fan. It comes wired with a 4-pin Molex and a pass through connector. This fan is mounted to the case with the same silicone rubber isolators that Antec has used in the Sonata, the P160 and the 3700BQE. These mounts do an excellent job of decoupling the fan so that any fan vibration or noise isn't amplified by being bolted solidly to the case wall. At 12V this fan sounds the same as the front fan. The noise is fairly quiet but not quiet enough for me.

Other than for a short period of testing I ran both fans at 5V instead of 12V. The fans at 5V are pretty quiet (although not as quiet as my beloved L1A Panaflos at 5V) and still flow enough air to cool the system quite well while playing games. Both fans have a slight clicking noise that's noticeable at 12V and 5V. The very unrestrictive fan grill on the back wall doesn't seem to add any air turbulence noise to the case. The front fan grill is more restrictive and you can hear some air turbulence noise when the fan is running at 12V. At 5V I can't hear any turbulence noise.

120mm rear fan. It's mounted with rubber isolators and is not lighted.

As you can imagine from the slightly diminutive exterior of the Super Lanboy, the interior isn't super expansive either. The fixed motherboard tray and "mini tower" size make for a relatively tight fit while installing the motherboard and other components. Unless you plan on changing hardware often this shouldn't be much of an an issue though.


Inside the little toolbox drawer is a bag full of the usual motherboard standoffs, assorted case screws and drive mounting screws plus the special shoulder bolts for use with the hard drive mounting grommets and the requisite Antec case badge.

Antec has also included a free nylon carrying strap just like with the first Lanboy. All you do is simply wrap it around the case then fasten it. You can easily adjust the tension until its as tight as you prefer. The handle is rubber and when carrying the case it feels nice and secure.

Antec's new trend of useful case manuals continues here. All the assembly procedures are well covered, from the connections for the wiring that comes from the I/O panel on the front bezel to the installation of all the various drives and the rear fan.

Super Lanboy accessories. Toolbox, screws and standoffs, manual, I/O plate. rear fan and carrying strap.

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