SilverStone Grandia GD07 & GD08 Media Center Cases

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The interior of the Grandia GD08 is somewhat cramped as the drive cage runs right up against the motherboard tray. Thankfully the drive cage is removable.

The layout is fairly typical for a desktop style case. A long drive cage at the front holds all the system's 2.5/3.5/5.25 inch bays while the rear portion resembles the usual modern ATX tower layout.

The rear of the case.

The GD08 drive cage is broken into three sections. The right side supports three 3.5 inch drives and is lined with dampening material to keep vibration down; in the GD07 this is replaced with two side-mounted 5.25 inch bays. Four more 3.5 inch drives can be installed in the center portion but there isn't as much support as a good chunk of the side has been cut out to make way for long graphics cards. A pair of 5.25 inch drives can be mounted on the left side and two 2.5 inch drives can be secured along the top.

The metal handles are nice touch but it's not as convenient as you think — six screws still need to be undone to remove the cage. A rubber strip on the rear edge of the cage helps brace the top cover. Typically the main access panel has no support near the center; this support reinforces it, making it less prone to vibration.

The three fans are placed in the same area, the front/right side of the case. According to the manufacturer specifications these should be 900 RPM variants but our sample had 1200 RPM models.

The GD08's third bottom fan position is occupied by a plastic cable routing box. It's in an appropriate spot but it's not really necessary as the drive cage hides most of the cables here. This feature is not in the GD07 as the space is taken up by 5.25 inch bays.

As the box is the same size as a 120 mm fan, there's a limited amount of room inside.

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