SilverStone Grandia GD07 & GD08 Media Center Cases

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Assembling a system inside the GD08 is straightforward as the layout is similar to that of your run-of-the-mill ATX tower. The main differences are the entire drive cage pulls out, and you can't tuck cables behind the motherboard tray.

We installed our test hard drive in the right side compartment of the drive cage as it provides the best structural support. Here it is padded fully on each side, and with the cage hanging down most of the side-to-side vibration should be negated.

3.5 inch drives stick out a bit past the edge of the cage; drives mounted in the center section hang over a small portion of the motherboard.

Underneath the drive, the cable routing boxes hide all of the front panel connectors.

By our measurements, the maximum CPU heatsink height is approximately 14.1 cm, leaving about an inch of clearance above our Noctua NH-C12P cooler. A very short tower heatsink would also be usable.

Our HD 6850 graphics card fit easily. By our measurements, models up to 39.8 cm in length can be accommodated if you don't mind it taking up some of the drive bays.

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