Rosewill Silent Night 500 Platinum 80 Plus

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The Rosewill Silent Night 500 power supply delivers excellent performance by any standard. Its voltage regulation, noise and ripple, and efficiency are all top notch, with the efficiency being as high as I've measured in any PSU thus far. The >95% efficiency at 400W load with 240VAC input means this PSU produces only 20W of heat, a trivial amount. The 5 years parts & labor warranty bolsters buyer confidence as well.

This sample produced virtually no audible electronic noise under ~200W, and at full power, its electronic noise was lower than all but the best of three 520W Seasonic Platinum samples I tested. Admittedly, the more recent design Seasonic 520W Platinum has tighter voltage regulation — the best ever — but that's about the only area where the Seasonic has a clear advantage. In actual use, the advantage may be moot; there are no computer components which actually demand such tight voltage regulation for normal operation.

About the only possible quibble one might have about the Rosewill SN500 is that it is a bit heavy, probably not ideal for top rear mounting in a thin-panel aluminum case if it's being shipped. The very low power efficiency is not quite as good as the Seasonic Platinum, but then this is a matter of only a watt or two at most. Finally, you might have to face snide remarks from tech geek friends about why you've chosen a house brand... and if you do, just send them the link to this review: The Rosewill Silent Night 500 is worthy of the SPCR Editor's Choice Award.

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Much thanks to Rosewill for the review sample.

Rosewill Silent Night 500 PSU wins the SPCR's Editor's Choice Award

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