Fan Roundup #7: Antec, be quiet!, Corsair, GELID, Noiseblocker, SilverStone

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bequiet! Silent Wings 2

The German manufacturer with the forceful name has quickly garnered a following of enthusiasts with products like the Dark Rock 2, which features a 140 mm variant of the Silent Wings series. The fan had one of the more interesting designs we've come across, but we criticized the choice of housing as it deviated from the standard, preventing it from being interchangeable with other models without significant modification. For the boxed version, they offer a couple of different mounting options to get around this.

The Silent Wings 2 ships in a long but skinny cardboard box.

The package is best described as versatile. The molex adapter with 12V, 7V, and 5V options is included as are both a hard and soft mount option.

The most notable characteristic is the ripple pattern on both sides of the fan blades. The mounting frame is also oddly located around the center.

You can affix two different corner options, stiff rubber inserts or hard plastic ones. Pushpins are used to mount the former, standard screws for the latter.

Curved struts emanate from the large hub, forming very large angle with the blades which helps reduce tonality. The boxed version of the fan has a significantly different blade structure than the one included with the Dark Rock 2. These fins are anemic by comparison, leaving large gaps in-between.

Specifications: bequiet! Silent Wings 2
Manufacturer bequiet! Power Rating 2.4 W
Model Number BQT T12025-MF-3 Airflow Rating 50.5 CFM
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Speed Rating 1,500 RPM
Frame Size 120 x 120 x 25 mm Noise Rating 15.7 dBA
Hub Size 44 mm Header Type 3-pin w/ 12V/7V/5V molex adapter
Blade Diameter 113 mm Fan Mounts Pushpins or screws
Cable Length 50 cm Weight 120 g
Corner Type Open Number of Samples 3
Starting Voltage < 3.0 V Retail Availability Yes
Additional notes:

This is the screen capture of Fan Xpert 2's auto-analysis of the bequiet! Silent Wings 2.

Acoustic analysis of the bequiet! Silent Wings 2.

SPCR Test Results: bequiet! Silent Wings 2
Fan Speed (RPM)
Thermal Rise (°C)
Airflow in/out (FPM)

The Silent Wings 2 more or less lives up to its name. At each of our designated fan speed test points, bequiet!'s offering generated the least amount of noise. At our sample's top speed of 1,400 RPM, it emitted only 17~18 [email protected], something most of the other fans in our roundup were only capable of at 1,100 RPM. At this speed the sound coming out was fairly benign, smooth with a bit of whininess. At lower speeds the acoustic signature became more complex with an uneven high frequency hum which gave it a bit of a wobbly sound and some buzzing started to manifest at 900 RPM. These effects were thankfully subdued and only audible at close proximity.

The three samples we examined had a greater degree of variation in top speed than the other fans but otherwise had very similar noise profiles. The sample we ended up using was in the middle speed-wise.

Cooling performance wasn't particularly good but it wasn't disappointing either. The fan produced less noise than most at a given speed but this also translated into a reduction in cooling proficiency. A significant drop off occurred below 900 RPM but at that point the Silent Wings 2 was all but in audible at a distance of one meter.

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