Fan Roundup #7: Antec, be quiet!, Corsair, GELID, Noiseblocker, SilverStone

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GELID Wing 12

GELID's fan lineup is extremely colorful, appealing to that certain demographic that is fond of such things as UV lighting, blazingly bright LEDs, and presumably, strobe lights. The Wing 12 is their flagship fan, and while undeniably flashy, its physical design is downright conservative compared to some of the models included in today's shoot-out.

The package is incredibly glossy and only offers a glimpse as to what's inside.

The Wing 12 is the most colorful entrant in our roundup. with bright UV reactive neon green blades and soft rubber isolators. Completing the package is an in-line fan controller with double-sided tape to help affix it to the location of your choice.

The provided fan controller is very much a clone of the iconic Zalman Fan Mate. That's not a bad thing.

The intake side of the fan blades are tipped, protruding backwards like a shark's fin.

Aside from the color and translucence, the Wing 12 design is fairly conventional. The fan employs straight struts and nine, moderately-sized, low curvature blades.

Specifications: GELID Wing 12
Manufacturer GELID Solutions Power Rating 2.64 W
Model Number A1212025M(L)-F Airflow Rating 64.3 W
Bearing Type Nanoflux (magnetic) Speed Rating 1,500 RPM
Frame Size 120 x 120 x 25 mm Noise Rating 25 dBA
Hub Size 40 mm Header Type 3-pin w
Blade Diameter 110 mm Fan Mounts Isolators
Cable Length 50 cm Weight 110 g
Corner Type Open Number of Samples 1
Starting Voltage 4.0 ~ 4.5 V Retail Availability Yes
Additional notes: Variable fan speed controller included.

This is the screen capture of Fan Xpert 2's auto-analysis of the GELID Wing 12.

Acoustic analysis of the GELID Wing 12.

SPCR Test Results: GELID Wing 12
Fan Speed (RPM)
Thermal Rise (°C)
Airflow in/out (FPM)

While the GELID Wing 12 was one of the loudest fans tested today at top speed, the sound it was produced was among the best. Its profile was smooth throughout its range except for some minor underlying buzzing which dissipated below 1,000 RPM.

Unfortunately we had only one sample to examine but the last Wing 12 we encountered (paired with the GX-7 CPU cooler) was equally excellent. Thus, we're inclined to believe this quality of sound is the norm.

The Wing 12's overall thermal performance was a bit weak compared the others and it would not start up reliably at lower fan speeds. However, even at 900 RPM, it should be more than quiet enough for most users.

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