First 140 mm Fan Roundup: Noctua, Phanteks, Xigmatek

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Phanteks PH-F140HP/TS

It seemed fitting to throw a Phanteks model into the roundup. Phanteks is known for CPU coolers which sport designs, mounting hardware, accessories, and even packaging brazenly similar to Noctua's high-end offerings. The PH-F140HP/TS fan ("HP" is displayed on the box but "TS" is on the label and on the website) shares some similarities with the A15's frame but the design itself seems to be original. This is the model paired with the PH-TC14PE, which is a near clone of the famous NH-D14 dual fan cooler.

Like their heatsinks, the Phanteks PH-F140 is available in various colors. We were blessed with white, black, and blue versions.

The fan is sits inside a plastic tray just like Noctua's but the accessory list isn't as extensive. Phanteks includes a set of isolators and screws for mounting, a low noise adapter, and a metal bracket that allows users to place the fan in the area next to the expansion slots so you can have a large fan blowing over the graphics card(s).

The main design features are the included rubber washers and the straight ridges on the intake side of the fan blades.

The structure of the fan housing is similar to the NF-A15 but it's much slimmer at the edges, conforming to standard 140 x 140 mm dimensions. The fan itself has straighter blades and the tips are also ridged.

Specifications: Phanteks PH-F140HP/TS
Manufacturer Phanteks Power Rating 1.8 W
Model Number PH-F140TS Airflow Rating 78.1 CFM
Bearing Type Updraft Floating Balance Speed Rating 1,200 RPM
Frame Size 140 x 140 x 25 mm
(120 mm holes)
Noise Rating 19 dBA
Hub Size 42 mm Header Type 3-pin
Blade Diameter 132 mm Fan Mounts Isolators or screws
Cable Length 39 cm Weight 170 g
Starting Voltage < 4.0 V Number of Samples 3
Corner Type Open Retail Availability Yes
Accessories: 12 cm low noise adapter, thermal bracket, isolators, screws.

This is the screen capture of Fan Xpert 2's auto-analysis of the Phanteks PH-F140HP/TS.

Acoustic analysis of the Phanteks PH-F140HP/TS.

SPCR Test Results: Phanteks PH-F140HP/TS
Fan Speed (RPM)
Thermal Rise (°C)
Airflow in/out (FPM)

Aside from our reference NF-P14 FLX, the PH-F140HP/TS had the best acoustics of the fans in this roundup, having a much cleaner profile than the latest offerings from Noctua. At higher speeds it sounded buzzy and turbulent as many fans do but at 900 RPM and below it was almost completely smooth, aside from a very faint clicking audible only at close proximity at 700 and 550 RPM.

Sample variance was minor. Of the three samples we had on hand, the white variant produced a slight tone at lower speeds while the black model was a tad whinier at full speed than the blue. The blue version used in our test had a superior sound though the other two were very similar.

The Phanteks produced excellent temperatures down to 700 RPM and only a very modest drop-off when moving from 700 to 550 RPM, earning it the best cooling result at this RPM of any fan we've tested.

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