Second 140 mm Fan Roundup: Antec, bequiet!, Corsair, Scythe

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bequiet! Silent Wings 2

The results of our 120 mm fan roundup were disappointing in that most of the better sounding fans turned out to be poor at cooling. The 120 mm version of the bequiet! Silent Wings 2 was the only model that really bucked this trend. Let's see if the 140 mm version follows in the same mold.

The Silent Wings 2 ships in a long thin cardboard box.

Included with the fan is a nice set of accessories including a molex adapter with 12V, 7V, and 5V plugs and both hard and soft mount options.

The fins are noticeably thinner than the 120 mm version but otherwise the structure of the fan is the same. The blades are ridged on both sides, and the blade/strut angle is nice and wide. The hub size is quite large, making bequiet!'s blades seem comically short.

Specifications: bequiet! Silent Wings 2
Manufacturer bequiet! Power Rating 2.4 W
Model Number BQT T14025-MF-3 Airflow Rating 60.4 CFM
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Speed Rating 1,000 RPM
Frame Size 140 x 140 x 25 mm Noise Rating 15.8 dBA
Hub Size 48 mm Header Type 3-pin with 5V/7V/12V molex adapter
Blade Diameter 132 mm Fan Mounts Screws or rubber fittings & pushpins
Cable Length 40 cm Weight 190 g
Starting Voltage < 4.0 V Number of Samples 3
Corner Type N/A Retail Availability Yes
Extras: 5 cm molex 5V/7V/12V adapter, steel screws for hard mounting, rubber fittings and pushpins for soft mounting.

This is the screen capture of Fan Xpert 2's auto-analysis of the bequiet! Silent Wings 2.

Acoustic analysis of the bequiet! Silent Wings 2.

SPCR Test Results: bequiet! Silent Wings 2
Fan Speed (RPM)
Thermal Rise (°C)
Airflow in/out (FPM)

Overall the Silent Wings 2 is one of the better sounding fans in this roundup. It has a mostly smooth sound at 900 RPM and above though we noted some odd tonal effects at about 0.5 meters distance that wasn't detectable close-up or at one meter away. At 700 and 550 RPM it still sounded quite good though a faint low-pitched hum crept in but, with a noise level of 12 [email protected] and lower, you'd be hard press to hear it.

A second sample had similar acoustics to the one we tested, while a third was a more pronounced hum at low speeds. Even with this defect, it still sounded better than most of the other fans we tested today.

When it came to cooling performance, the Silent Wings 2 excelled only at high speed. At 700 RPM there was a sizable increases in temperature, and again at 550 RPM with the thermal rise approaching 30°C.

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