Second 140 mm Fan Roundup: Antec, bequiet!, Corsair, Scythe

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Corsair Air AF140 Quiet Edition

The Corsair Air series turned out to be some of the stronger performers in our 120 mm fan roundup last month but their acoustics left something to be desired. Their 120 mm models consists of two lines, the AF120 designed for CPU coolers and general use, and SP120 for radiators, each with a high and low speed variant. The 140 mm series is broken up similarly but currently the AF140 Quiet Edition is the only one available on their website at time of writing.

Corsair wins the title of flashiest packaging for this roundup with its glossy, windowed box.

The decorative red ring can be swapped out for white and blue. The only other extras are a short low noise adapter and some black fan screws.

Compared to the AF120, there are two extra fan blades and they flare out more at the ends. Additionally, the hub is actually smaller than the AF120's by a hair, thus the fan has a larger potential cooling area. Rubberized corners and mounting holes help limit vibration.

Specifications: Corsair Air AF140 Quiet Edition
Manufacturer Corsair Power Rating 1.8 W
Model Number CO-9050009-WW Airflow Rating 67.8 CFM
Bearing Type Advanced Hydraulic Speed Rating 1,150 RPM
Frame Size 140 x 140 x 25 mm Noise Rating 24 dBA
Hub Size 42 mm Header Type 3-pin
Blade Diameter 131 mm Fan Mounts Screws
Cable Length 29 cm Weight 170 g
Starting Voltage < 4.0 V Number of Samples 2
Corner Type Open Retail Availability Yes
Extras: 5 cm low noise adapter (~950 RPM), screws.

This is the screen capture of Fan Xpert 2's auto-analysis of the Corsair Air AF140 Quiet Edition.

Acoustic analysis of the Corsair Air AF140 Quiet Edition.

SPCR Test Results: Corsair Air AF140 Quiet Edition
Fan Speed (RPM)
Thermal Rise (°C)
Airflow in/out (FPM)

The AF140 Quiet Edition started off pretty well, sounding mostly smooth and turbulent at full speed. At 900 RPM, it was much of the same with the addition of a low pitched buzzing. At 700 RPM, a hum developed, and at 550 RPM, it started to click as well, but only at close proximity. It's not a terrible sounding fan per se but like the TwoCool 140, its acoustic character is more desirable at higher speeds.

The tested fan was one of two samples. The untested sample sounded marginally worse, imbued with an underlying buzz at high speeds.

Like the 120 mm version, the AF140 Quiet Edition is more proficient at cooling than delivering a nice sound. Fairly good performance was had at every tested speed except 550 RPM.

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