SilverStone Argon AR01 & AR03 CPU Coolers

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The SilverStone Argon AR01/AR03 are composed of 53 aluminum fins friction-fit to copper heatpipes, 3 x 8 mm pipes on the AR01, 6 x 6 mm pipes on the AR03. Both coolers are 160 mm tall and 50 mm thick, but the AR03 is wider at 140 mm vs. the AR01's 120 mm. The smaller AR01 weighs 420 grams while the larger AR03 weighs 650 grams (considerably more than the specified 520 grams).

The AR01.

The AR03. How well the heatpipes are curved is an issue with some heatsinks; the curves of both the AR01 and AR03 are well done.

The AR01's three heatpipes are arranged in the old style, in straight rows to minimize impedance. The fins are are 0.30 mm thick, spaced 1.85 mm apart on average.

The AR03's heatpipes are spread out more so each pipe receives more direct airflow. The AR03 is the denser of the two heatsinks with 0.42 mm thick fins spaced 1.72 mm apart on average.

The base of the AR01's heatpipes are separated by thick dividers. The surface has a dull finish.

The AR03's six heatpipes are separated into three sections with slim dividers straddling the center section. When paired with a smaller heatspreader, not all the heatpipes will make contact. The AR03 is recommended for LGA1366 and LGA2011 chips which have larger surface areas. Curiously there are machining marks going in two ways while on the AR01 they're all in one direction.

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