Gigabyte GA-F2A85XN-WIFI Mini-ITX Motherboard

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Power Consumption (A8-5600K)

Unfortunately it's difficult to ascertain exactly how much of the energy draw is generated by the processor alone, as the amount of power pulled from the AUX12V/EPS12V connector depends on how board power regulation has been implemented. On this board, the CPU is driven by a 6 power phase design but surprisingly the proportion of power derived from the +12V line was very similar to the 4-phase F2A75M-D3H.

The F2A85XN-WIFI's energy efficiency was similar to previously tested models when playing H.264 video but the power consumption during Flash video rendering was about 5W lower. The idle draw was also very low, tied for the lowest I've encountered on an AMD board.

As the load increases, the efficiency of the F2A85XN-WIFI only got better. During all the load tests, the average reading on the power meter was 8~12W lower than the closest performing model, the ASUS F2A85-M Pro. Typically mini-ITX models have stripped down power regulation due to size limitations, giving them better idle than load power efficiency. This makes the F2A85XN's results ever more impressive.


To test the board's cooling, the CPU was stressed for ~15 minutes with Prime95. Temperatures of the boards' chipset heatsinks were recorded using a spot thermometer. The highest temperatures were taken for comparison.

Despite its undersized chipset heatsink, the surface temperature of the FCH cooler peaked at just 31°C above ambient on full CPU load which is comparable to previously tested FM2 boards. The VRM heatsink on the otherhand took quite a beating, heating up to 46°C above ambient (close to 70°C in the lab).

Note that our test heatsink is of the downblowing variety but it's a large model with the fan sitting high up, far away from the PCB and set to a relatively low speed. A slimmer model with a fan that sits closer to the socket would presumably do much better.

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