SilverStone Argon AR02 CPU Cooler

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The Argon AR02 is composed of a three 6 mm thick direct-touch copper heatpipes fiction-fit to 42 aluminum fins. According to my measurements, its physical dimensions are as specified, 134 x 92 x 50 mm or 5.3 x 3.6 x 2.0 inches (H x W x D). Our lab's scale didn't agree with SilverStone's listed weight of 330 grams though, pegging the AR02 at 290 grams.

The AR02 is shorter than the more popular 120/140 mm fan towers but being 50 mm thick, it's not particularly slim.

The average fin thickness (0.30 mm) and separation (1.85 mm) is the same as its big brother, the AR01. The wide spacing is rather loose for a smaller heatsink and the heatpipes are lined up in straight rows to minimize airflow impedance.

The AR02 looks like a typical cookie-cutter direct-touch heatsink but with the SilverStone name comes superior quality control. The bending of the pipes is very well done, not crudely hand-bent like some cheaper models.

The base is very flat with fairly coarse machine marks clearly visible. The 6 mm thick heatpipes are spaced further apart than the AR01/AR03. This may be a problem as most of the heat from modern processors emanate from the center.

The stock 92 mm fan has a more traditional design than its bigger brothers, with seven gently-curved, bulky blades. The AR01/03 120mm fan has nine long blades with little teeth and ridges.

Installed on our test platform, the AR02 looks rather petite compared to its big brothers. It uses a backplate/crossbeam mounting scheme similar to many high-end CPU cooler models. The system is described in further detail in my AR01/AR03 review.

The mounting bars did not rise up and curve as much as those in the AR01/AR03, but it was still a solid mating with plenty of pressure. And once again, we see the anti-vibration mounts don't provide enough support, allowing the fan to droop slightly.

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