Akasa Galileo Ultra-slim Fanless Thin ITX Case

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System Configuration:

Test platform device listing.

Measurement and Analysis Tools

  • CPU-Z, used to monitor the CPU speed to determine when/if overheating occurs.
  • SpeedFan to monitor system temperatures.
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD 13 to play H.264 video.
  • TMPGEnc Xpress video encoding software as a load test.
  • Prime95 processor stress software.
  • FurMark stability test to stress the GPU.
  • Extech 380803 AC power analyzer / data logger for measuring AC system power.
  • Thermometers to measure the air temperature around the test platform and near the intake of the heatsink fan.

Testing Procedures

Our testing procedure is a simple one involving placing the test system in various states until temperatures remain stable for 5~10 minutes. The test states are idle, playing H.264 video, encoding video with TMPGEnc, full CPU load using Prime95 (small FFT setting), and full GPU loading using FurMark, an OpenGL benchmarking and stability testing utility.

Temperatures were recorded with various software tools and an infrared thermometer on the hottest point of the exterior. AC power draw was also monitored.

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