Akasa Galileo Ultra-slim Fanless Thin ITX Case

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Like the Euler before it, the Akasa Galileo is a decent chassis for those looking for a basic, tiny, completely silent PC. The two cases seem to be embodiments of different philosophies, however. The Euler is simple and pragmatic and quite inexpensive, while the Galileo demonstrates more style over substance. Surprisingly, despite this, it's actually not that attractive. It has less of an industrial look than the Euler due to the sleeker front faceplate, but its asymmetry, along with its unusually long body, is a bit off-putting. The Galileo's key selling point is its thickness, or its lack thereof. It's amazing that a case measuring 37 mm from top to bottom can passively cool an off-shelf desktop CPU with a TDP of 55W. Still, there are no functional benefits to the fascia compared to the Euler: No addtional ports of any kind, which might sway us towards the Galileo.

Whether its ultra slim profile is a selling advantage is a question we can't answer fully, but it's hard to think of many usage scenarios for a simple SFF PC where it would be a huge advantage to have a 37 mm rather than a 62 mm thick case. If you disregard the form factor, say you're looking for a fanless case to VESA mount for example, the Euler seems to have every angle covered. It's dead simple to assemble, boasts lower temperatures (both inside and out), it supports 2.5 inch drives, and it's also considerably cheaper. Among the few US retailers selling Akasa gear, the Euler can be found for US$95 compared to the Galileo's US$120. The Euler's existence really undercuts what otherwise would have been a clear recommendation for the Galileo.

Our thanks to Akasa for the Galileo case sample and Gigabyte for the GA-H77TN motherboard used in this review.

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