SilverStone Fortress FT04 Tower

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Despite its modular nature, the FT04's internal construction feels solid all the way around though it's not quite up to par with the FT02. The only thing that feels cheap or weak is the removable drive cage as it lacks structural support, making it easily prone to vibration.

The upside down removable motherboard tray, removable drive cage, CPU support lever and power supply placement are all elements borrowed from the Temjin TJ08-E. They've added a second fan, and a couple of extra drive bays at the bottom, one of which has a SATA backplane to make it hotswappable.

One thing SilverStone always gets right is cable management. All the appropriate holes are present and multiple holds for twist/zip-ties are littered across the back of the motherboard tray. To remove the tray, a few screws have to be removed, and then the tray can be pushed toward the front of the case and taken out.

The side panels are 0.9 mm thick and composed of steel. The door, floor, ceiling, and side panels are all lined with 3 mm sheets of stiff but springy acoustic dampening foam.

To remove the top panel, remove the two screws at the back and pull. The panel, like the door, has a concave shape. Another removable dust filter has been placed here for the power supply fan.

The 5.25 inch drives and the power supply are dropped in from above.

Holes have been drilled into the frame of the FT04 for straight access to the screws holding down the expansion slot covers.

The CPU heatsink support lever is attached to a drive bay on the bottom of the case. It has a sliding system to adjust its position.

The fans are positioned to blow through the main drive cage and expansion slots. For extra long graphics cards, there are plastic rails in front of the top fan to help support them.

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