SilverStone Raven RV04 Overview

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The FT04 is notable for its curved aluminum door which isn't secured very well or aligned properly with the rest of the case. The RV04's simpler plastic design is an improvement but it isn't immune to fit issues either.

At the top of the case where it meets the top cover, there's a larger gap on one side than the other.

The separation near the hinge may be due to how low it sits. The plastic portion above the hinge floats, unsupported.

While the FT04 has angled intake vents running along the side, the RV04 just has a huge gap. Airflow might be a bit better this way but more noise escapes.

Instead of having the power and reset buttons on the left side, they're located on the top bezel. They can be accessed with the door closed via a pair of partial cutouts.

The FT04's door is held in place by underpowered magnets, while the RV04 uses plastic latches. It's a more secure system but the door still opens with too little force.

The RV04's fan controllers are a step down from its aluminum brother, going from from adjustable dials to three speed switches. It's still an improvement over earlier iterations of the Raven/Fortress series which had two speed controls all the way at the back.

The RV04's intake fans have a more reasonable top speed of 1200 RPM. Like the FT04, the front dust filter is easily removed for cleaning but rather than a simple mesh filter with a thin plastic frame, it's attached to a significant portion of the bezel.

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