SilverStone Raven RV04 Overview

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Despite its modular nature, the RV04's internal construction feels solid all the way around though with the insecure removable drive cage being the only exception. It the biggest flaw in the TJ08-E and unfortunately it was transplanted along with most of the design into the RV04/FT04.

The side panel design is essentially same. The only notable difference is the lack of noise dampening foam which is absent from the entire chassis.

The top panel is also removable but more secure, locking onto the chassis at more points than the FT04. The dust filter is also noticeably larger.

The RV04/FT04 share the same internal layout, with an upside down removable motherboard tray, top-mounted power supply, and removable hard drive near the front of the case.

Residing on the case floor are a couple of extra drive bays, one with a hotswappable backplane. There's also a jack-like plastic contraption to help hold up large CPU heatsinks.

The drive cage, as we mentioned in the FT04 review, is lined with soft vibration absorbing material but it's a futile addition as the cage is secured flimsily without any structural support to the right or above.

Strategically placed holes and holds on the motherboard tray facilitate cable routing and general tidiness.

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