Thermalright HR-22 CPU Heatsink

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The Thermalright HR-22 is composed of 35 aluminum fins, 8 ix 6 mm thick copper heatpipes, and a copper base, all nickel-plated. According to our measurements, the heatsink's dimensions are 150 x 120 x 160 cm (L x W x H) and its weight is a whopping 1.17 kg (around 1.33 kg when paired with a typical 140 mm fan).

Like previous members of the HR line, its through holes are noticeable. Such a big heatsink would be a good candidate for a second fan but only one set of fan clips is included, and the second set of ridges where they would grip on to is pointed in the wrong direction.

The HR-02 was a departure for Thermalright in that it had a budget build quality with plain copper heatpipes and aluminum fins which made surprisingly affordable. The HR-22 goes back to tradition in that it's an all nickel-plated affair. Given the cooler's thickness an unbalanced shape, a large hole is provided for screw driver access to secure the final step of installation.

The HR-22 is 18 mm wider than its predecessor but shares its lopsided asymmetrical structure. This design allows a fan to be installed without interfering with any DIMM slots next to the CPU socket, while bringing the other side closer to the exhaust fan.

Strangely, the heatsink is uneven on the broad side as well. The HR-22's 35 fins are substantial but loosely arrayed, approximately 0.53 mm thick and spaced 2.74 mm apart, on average.

The base is noticeably rectangular rather than square in order to accommodate all the heatpipes. Gobs of solder are noticeable all around the intersecting area, ensuring proper heat transfer.

The finish on the base is almost mirror-like but some horizontal banding is noticeable up close. The surface is slightly convex.

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