Phanteks Enthoo Primo: Giant Tower Case

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System Configuration:

Measurement and Analysis Tools

System temperatures and noise levels were recorded with SpeedFan and GPU-Z at idle, and on load using CPUBurn (K7 setting) and FurMark, an OpenGL benchmarking and stability testing utility.

Baseline Noise

The main noise source within the Enthoo Primo are its five PH-F140SP 140 mm 3-pin fans, which are essentially identical to the PH-F140HP/TS model that ship on some of Phanteks' large heatsinks. This model currently provides the best balance of acoustics and thermal performance of any 140 mm fan we've tested.

Stock Fan Noise Level
(2 x HD 4870 Configuration, Idle)
Fan Speed
SPL @1m
20 dBA
500 RPM
20~21 dBA
800 RPM
26 dBA
1000 RPM
31~32 dBA
1250 RPM
38 dBA
CPU fan set to 100% speed.
Ambient temperature: 22°C.

Our CrossFireX HD 4870 configuration at idle measured just 20 [email protected] with the system fans disabled. We began testing the fans at 500 RPM which barely added any measurable noise to the total level. 5~6 dB jumps were recorded when the speed was ramped up to 800, 1000, and finally 1250 RPM.

Without supplemental cooling, our idle CrossFireX system generates a fairly pleasant sound, and the included fans did not introduce any undesirable elements to its acoustic profile. The last case we reviewed with fans that sounded this smooth was the Antec Solo II which had just a single 120 mm TrueQuiet. Fans placed horizontally often produce a clicking noise but the Phanteks models were free from this issue.

As expected, hard drive vibration was problem, even with one drive. Initially our single WD hard drive created an audible resonance in the case but strangely, slightly nudging the drive tray made it dissipate significantly. The tray sits a little loose so if you get it in just the right spot, much of the vibration vanishes. Placing a foam block underneath or on top of the drive to help steady against an adjacent tray also seemed to help.

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