Silverstone ML05 mini-ITX HTPC case

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The light weight of the ML05 is immediately apparent, but it doesn't feel feel flimsy. A check of the cover panel with our micrometer showed it is 0.8mm thick, confirmed by the thickness of the folded edges. This is thicker than usual partly because of the small dimensions of the panels. The top cover has two vented areas, one for PSU intake in the corner and another over the mainboard area, which has multiple functions.

The back panel is dominated by the holes for the motherboard I/O panel and SFX power supply. There is also a half-height PCI slot and a full height slot over the I/O panel, though this looks suitable only for something like a USB port expansion.

The bottom, after rubber feet were affixed. It has no vents, but the entire side closest to the CPU is totally vented. Two USB 3.0 ports and audio in/out ports are positioned at the front of that vented side panel.

With the cover is removed: Two rubber pads for support under the PSU, a 4-bay 2.5" drive cage in front, a supporting crossbar, and the multi-function bracket that can hold a slim slot-loading optical drive, a 3.5” HDD, two 2.5” HDDs or a 120mm fan. Good news for the DIY system builder: There are no obvious sharp edges inside.

Multi-purpose bracket removed. Note: When the bracket is in place and the cover panel is on, the narrow crossbar really isn't needed.

This drawing from the manual shows the various functions of the bracket.

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