Chenbro SR30169 Mini-ITX Server Chassis

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The Chenbro SR30169 measures 31.0 x 20.0 x 27.0 cm or 12.2 x 7.8 x 10.6 inches (D x W x H), giving it a total volume of 16.7 liters. It's built in an e OEM style, with emphasis on functionality and longevity. It's a well-crafted box with a solid steel frame and side panels and a thick plastic front bezel and door.

The door opens up from the left side and can be locked to restrict access to the hot-swap bays, power switch, and front USB 2.0 ports. While the case ships with a 120 mm fan, it strangely isn't secured to the large vent below the drive trays. It's actually placed on its side, directly underneath the drive cage.

The drive caddies themselves are nothing special, par for the course for this of enclosure. The latches are ventilated but they're severely restrictive once they're populated.

A section at the top/rear of the case acts as the exhaust port for the SR30169's vertically-mounted power supply. It ships with a standard ATX unit that is of the non-switching variety, supporting 110V power only. The rest of the back is blocked off except for the I/O shield and a low profile expansion bracket.

The well-built side panels are reasonably thick and have very little flex. The fit is incredibly snug as the catches are spaced closely together. They're also thicker than usual, so they're less likely to bend out of alignment.

The interior layout is for lack of a better word, unusual. The one included fan is oriented horizontally, pulling air from drive cages and pushing it down over the motherboard via a plastic duct. Hot air rises but evidently Chenbro didn't get that memo. The power supply sits above the motherboard with its intake fan facing the drives. On the left side, near the front of the case, is a brass chassis intrusion switch.

Chenbro lists the PSU as a 250W unit, though the label is labelled "300" and warns that the total combined power should not exceed 237W. Either way, it' more than enough juice for most server configurations. More troubling is its lack of active PFC. This is obviously not a high quality unit.

The power supply is attached to a support frame that directs exhaust out the back. It also facilitates a short power cable extension so it can be plugged in from the rear.

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