Chenbro SR30169 Mini-ITX Server Chassis

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The SR30169 has a modular design that makes assembly and service a snap. Every component attached to the chassis frame can be detached with ease, at most requiring the removal of a few screws.

The front bezel pops off without any tools, secured only with plastic latches on the interior of the case.

With the bezel removed, the drive cage can be taken out via four screws. Up to four SATA drives can be connected, powered by a pair of 4-pin molex connectors. The backplane is the case's killer feature but it comes at a cost. The circuit board impedes airflow greatly, as it does in most other multi-bay NAS boxes and external enclosures.

The stock 120 mm system fan is an AVC PWM model with ball bearings. A blue plastic clip is used to attach it to the drive cage and duct is equipped with a clip as well to secure it to the fan. The arrangement is not entirely tight and we found during testing that bracing this assembly created a slight improvement in acoustics.

On each side of the drive cage is a metal tray for housing a single 2.5 inch drive.

A closer look on the inside of the drive caddy reveals a fairly open metal grid at the front. Care has been taken to maximize what little airflow can be pulled in from the front of the case, but it's likely a futile effort.

Our test system fully assembled with the green arrows indicating the unusual intended path of system airflow. There was about 42 mm of space between our Noctua NH-L9i CPU cooler and the power supply, making the total heatsink clearance 79 mm.

The blue lightling accentuates the silver mesh front, though the power LED out front is a tad blinding.

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