BitFenix Phenom Mini-ITX Case

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Assembly of the Phenom is fairly straightforward but unless it's put together carefully, cable management is a pain. The side of the power supply where the cables come out is very close the bottom drive cage, and the cables going to the side panel can't really be tied down.

The hard drive caddies are thin plastic contraptions equipped with rubber grommets fitted using a bayonet mount. Shallow steel bolts are inserted into the drive mounting holes to keep them in place.

The Phenom is tall enough to support a tower cooler but unfortunately our test motherboard has a CPU socket location, that forced us to mount it perpendicular to the exhaust fan in order to install a graphics card. It's not an ideal setup but it still cools the chip fairly well.

The only useful place for excess cabling is on either side of the power supply. Managing the cables was difficult even with a modular PSU. The power supply mounts through the back so it can be pulled out if you need to but the cables get yanked on. Also it's impossible to remove the right panel if its cables are tied down.

CPU heatsink clearance is ample. Our Noctua NH-U12P stands 158 mm tall and there was a good ~35 mm of space above it.

Installing a graphics card longer than the motherboard tray interferes with the middle drive cage, or rather its trays. Graphics card clearance is about 33.7 cm by our measurements but a high power GPU is definitely not recommended as the Phenom lacks adequate ventilation.

The blue LEDs on the side are small but blinding. Some sort of diffusion mechanism would've been nice.

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