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The original MicroServer used an embedded low power AMD mobile processor soldered to the socket. The Gen8 uses an LGA1155 board with a replaceable processor like most desktop PCs. The heatsink doesn't use a standard mounting mechanism and it's passively cooled, so there are undoubtedly some TDP limitations.

As a fixed drive cage hangs over mainboard, a removable tray that slides out the back allows full board access possible.

In addition to a full-sized (but low profile) PCI-E slot, additional connectivity is provided in the form of a USB port and microSD slot directly on the board.

The CPU is mated to a fanless heatsink with a thin thermal film.

The optical drive is powered by a floppy drive power connector plugged into a slimline SATA adapter. As there are no extra PSU connectors provided, some modification is required to replace the optical drive with a standard SATA drive. We removed a male plug off an old floppy drive and wired it to a SATA power cable to add an SSD.

A 2.5 inch drive is slim enough to fit in the optical drive bay and a piece of foam is sufficient to keep it in place. Using an SSD may be preferable if you want all of the hard drives' capacity for actual storage rather than to house an O/S and to avoid any overhead this may cause.

A long frosted strip of light at the bottom indicates hard drive activity in purple/blue while the power LED at the top is a more demure green.

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