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System Configuration:

Test configuration device listing.

Measurement and Analysis Tools

Timed Benchmark Test Details

  • Photoshop: Image manipulation using a variety of filters, a derivation of Driver Heaven's Photoshop Benchmark V3 (test image resized to 4500x3499).
  • WinRAR: Archive creation with a folder containing 68 files of varying size (less than 50MB).
  • iTunes: Conversion of an MP3 file to AAC.
  • TMPGEnc: Encoding a XVID AVI file with VC-1.

Testing Procedures

The system was put through various load states while system temperatures were recorded as well as power consumption and noise. Given this is a server product, it was tested with and without all four drive bays populated. The acoustic properties of the drives used are detailed below.

Test Drive Noise Summary
1-10 (10 = no vibration)
Idle Airborne Acoustics @1m
Seagate Barracuda XT 2TB
17 dBA
Samsung F3 EcoGreen 2TB
15~16 dBA
WD Caviar SE16 320GB
18~19 dBA
WD Red 3TB
13~14 dBA

Our usual array of CPU performance tests was also performed but some were excluded due to hardware (the Matrox GPU) or software (Windows Server 2012) incompatibility.

Network testing was also conducted but as they are not yet part of our standard testing procedures, they are detailed later in the review.

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