Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD

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Real World Performance

Our real world performance testing begins with a Windows 7 image, loaded with our test suite, being cloned to a 50GB partition at the beginning of each drive. The suite is run start to finish three times with a defragmentation (except for SSDs and hybrid drives) and reboot between runs. Average times were collected for comparison.

If the Samsung 830 128GB, the current champ of our real-world test suite solid-state drive, had one deficiency it was in loading time. The 840 Pro improves on the 830's result with gusto, placing third thanks to a particularly excellent performance in Call of Duty 5.

The 840 Pro came out on top in our applications test, tying the HyperX 3K 240GB in the ExactFile test and edging out it along with two of the other leaders in TrueCrypt.

The 840 Pro's file copy performance was staggering. Working with small files, it doubled the speed of some of the SSDs compared, including the 830. Large file copying was also impressive, finishing ahead of the 830 by five seconds (a 22% bump).

Our installation tests were the only area where the 840 Pro faltered, trailing the the Samsung 830, HyperX 3K 240GB, and Force GS 240GB by more than five seconds when installing PowerDVD.

To represent the overall performance of the drives, we gave each model a proportional score in each real world benchmark series (loading, application, file copying, and installation), with each benchmark set equally weighted. A perfectly average drive would be awarded 25 points in each category for a total of 100 points.

Despite the setback at the end, the 840 Pro 256GB easily landed in first place with a score of 117.4. The victory was so complete that it skewed our scale such that only two other drives scored above average (100). Overall, it was approximately 14% faster than the Samsung 830 128GB, our previous 2.5 inch SSD champ, and had a 17~21% advantage versus the various SandForce drives compared.

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