AMD A8-7600 Kaveri APU

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Our CPU testing is conducted with a discrete graphics card (a GeForce 9400 GT) to eliminate integrated graphics as a variable, most notably with regards to power consumption. It's also necessary for fairly comparing CPUs that do not have an onboard graphics such as Bulldozer and Sandy Bridge Extreme models.

CPU Performance (Discrete Graphics)

Our CPU tests show the A8-7600, at 65W, is a middling contender, while at 45W, it was a few steps behind. The only interesting result was in WinRAR, with both the 65W and 45W setting struggling against the rest of the field. The new CPU cores seem to get more done per Hz but there is no substantial bump in performance. Energy efficiency has also improved, as the A8-7600 consistently used less power than its predecessors in each of our tests.

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