Supermicro SuperServer 5018A-FTN4 Rackmount Server

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The SuperServer 5018A-FTN4's chassis conforms to the 1U standard, measuring 4.3 x 43.7 x 24.9 cm or 1.7 x 17.2 x 9.8 inches (H x W x D), not including the handles. The enclosure is well-constructed of plain black steel and doesn't offer any surprises.

The front panel is located on the left side, containing power and reset (recessed) buttons, and LEDs for power, hard drive and network activity (dual), and overheating.

The rear panel is stocked with four USB ports, two of which are USB 3.0, and four RJ45 connectors and an additional one dedicated to IPMI. Display output is offered through VGA only, and there's also a serial port, and a PCI-E 8x riser slot.

The internal power supply is located on the right side of the case, the motherboard in the middle, and drive bays on the left. 2 x 3.5 inch drives can be placed on the floor and screwed in from underneath or alternatively you can use a pair of dual 2.5 inch frames for up to four 2.5 inch drives.

The system ships with a 200W 80 Plus Gold power supply which well exceeds the power envelope of any possible configuration save for a demanding PCI-E graphics card. The power supply cables are limited to two SATA and two molex connectors. Supermicro also provided a pair of left angle SATA data cables.

The Atom SoC resides at the center of the motherboard sandwiched between two DDR3 SO-DIMM slots on each side and cooled by a small bolted on aluminum heatsink and fan. Interesting features include the external USB 3.0 port in the top right corner and a molex connector at the bottom left which can be used to power the board in lieu of a 20/24-pin ATX connector.

The 5018A-FTN4 ships as a barebones package but our sample included 4 x 2GB of Hynix DDR3-1333 ECC SO-DIMM memory.

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