Supermicro SuperServer 5018A-FTN4 Rackmount Server

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System Configuration:

Test configuration device listing.

Measurement and Analysis Tools

Timed CPU Benchmark Test Details

  • Photoshop: Image manipulation using a variety of filters, a derivation of Driver Heaven's Photoshop Benchmark V3 (test image resized to 4500x3499).
  • NOD32: In-depth virus scan of a folder containing 32 files of varying size with many RAR and ZIP archives.
  • WinRAR: Archive creation with a folder containing 68 files of varying size (less than 50MB).
  • iTunes: Conversion of an MP3 file to AAC.
  • TMPGEnc: Encoding a XVID AVI file with VC-1.
  • HandBrake: Encoding a XVID AVI file with H.264.

Testing Procedures

Our first test is one to determine the system's physical characteristics. The system was put through various load states while various temperatures, power consumption, and noise level were recorded. Then we conducted a series of CPU-centric benchmarks (tied tests of real world applications detailed above). Finally, as it is a server product, we performed a test of its ethernet adapter using LAN Speed Test, a network benchmark tool configured to transfer 10 packets successively with packet sizes of 1MB, 10MB, and 100MB from a designated system on our network. The target destination was a secondary SandForce-based SSD installed in the test system to ensure maximum performance and eliminate any O/S-related overhead, and three runs of each test were conducted with the results averaged. All traffic flowed through an unmanaged D-Link gigabit switch. There's nothing special about our network — all our hardware is consumer grade.

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