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The Shadow Rock Slim is composed of a nickel-plated copper base soldered to four 6 mm thick copper heatpipes and 52 friction-fit aluminum fins. By our measurements, the heatsink's dimensions are 13.0 x 5.2 x 16.0 cm (L x W x H) and its weight is 580 grams (720 grams including the stock fan).

The heatpipes are arranged in four rows and the fins' contours are somewhat wavy rather than straight. The fins are 0.42 mm thick and spaced 1.73 mm apart, on average.

The heatsink body is 52 mm thick, equaling the Noctua NH-U14S, currently SPCR's best performing slim tower CPU cooler.

A thick brush aluminum plate at the top keeps the heatpipes in place and adds a decorative touch.

The center of the fin-stack is depressed in the shape of the Batman logo.

The plate above the heatpipes is ridged to dissipate a bit of extra heat. This tertiary heatsink feature is commonly found on Scythe products.

The base is nickel-plated and the surface is very flat. A lot of machining has been done to sand it down to a mirror finish but there are still some fine lines visible. The somewhat convex shape of the Dark Rock 2 base is nowhere to be found.

The fan is of a nonstandard size (137 x 137 x 22 mm) and the mounting holes are located on an octagonal frame extending from the center of an inner circular frame.

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