Gigabyte Z87X-UD5 TH LGA1150 Motherboard

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The GA-Z87X-UD5 TH has a similar looking UEFI/BIOS interface to the Z87N-WIFI but it's been suped up with more features and options than you can throw a stick at.

The default simplified layout.

The default menu features an awe-inspiring galactic background with CPU, memory, and hardware monitoring information displayed around the edges while the actual menu is in the center. Most of the major options are presented in slider form, it's easy to save and load performance profiles, and you can create shortcuts to your most adjusted settings that will appear in the favorites section on the right-hand side.

Some of the UEFI/BIOS options with maximum values entered.

Enthusiast boards are all about fine-tuning your experience and the Z87X-UD5 TH offers that in spades. There are plenty of frequency, voltage, and power options that can be adjusted with minute detail. Some notable options include a 0.500V to 1.800V range for the CPU (or an offset of -0.300V to +0.400V), a span of 1.15V to 2.10V for the memory, and an extensive set of adjustable memory timings.

Fan control options.

Fan control is one area where Gigabyte has rarely ever impressed us, but this is perhaps the board's greatest strength. The Z87X-UD5 TH has seven fan headers, five of which can be controlled completely independently from one another (the 4th and 5th system fan headers are tied together). There are three preset profiles and of course a manual option for adjusting the slope of the fan speed to CPU temperature curve. You can't dictate when the fans start to react to the temperature, at least not until you boot into the Windows desktop, at which point Gigabyte's customizable EasyTune utility can take over. One thing to note is that while all of the boards' headers are 4-pin, PWM control is only available on the main CPU fan header — the rest are restricted to voltage control only.

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