Gigabyte Z87X-UD5 TH LGA1150 Motherboard

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Software & Fan Control

Like all Z87N-WIFI, the Z87X-UD5 TH is equipped with a sleek new version of EasyTune that mimics many of the features found in ASUS' AI Suite, especially its comprehensive fan control utility Fan Xpert.

EasyTune allows users to change many of the board's BIOS/UEFI settings from the comfort of the Windows desktop using either a simplified one-click overclocking menu or the advanced UI which has a strong resemblance to Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility. You can also adjust the power regulation settings in a separate menu and change system alerts to activate based on temperature, fan speed, or voltage thresholds.

The Smart Fan portion of EasyTune is very much the equal of ASUS' Fan Xpert 2 application. It has a similar calibration tool that determines the range of all the fans connected to the board to determine their recommended minimum speed — this prevents it from accidentally spinning down a fan to the point where it stops completely. Each fan header can be set to either a fixed speed or a customized dynamic speed dependent on the CPU temperature. The fan speed curve has multiple adjustable points to fine-tune precisely how you would like each fan to behave.

The UI is a bit more bland than ASUS' solution and you can't rename fans, but the two systems are essentially comparable.

SpeedFan main screen with sensor correlations entered.

We found that the current version of SpeedFan (4.49 as of writing), our favorite third party fan control software, was only partially compatible with Z87X-UD5 TH. It had some of the same sensors and controls as EasyTune but it didn't recognize the CPU temperature or the fan speeds of the CPU fan headers and the SYS_FAN1 header. The fan controls for the other SYS_FAN headers were made operational after changing the PWM modes from "SmartGuardian" to "Software controlled under the "IT8728F" chip in the advanced menu. EasyTune is really the way to go at this time.

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