SilverStone DS380 8-Bay Server/NAS Chassis

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The interior of the DS380 is fairly well built but the drive cages aren't as secure as we would like. The hot-swap cage is big and heavy but is only held on by six screws, four at the side and two at the bottom. The smaller 2.5 inch cage hangs down from the top panel, completely unsupported at the bottom, which isn't a problem if you're only using it to house SSDs.

The side panel is 0.8 mm thick but is reasonably strong, flexing only slightly at the corners when put under pressure.

The drive cage takes up the entire front half of the enclosure. Removal requires taking out four screws along the edge at the top and bottom, and two underneath the case.

The drive cage is outfitted with a well-stocked back plane consisting of two fan headers, 8 SATA ports for SATA and single-channel SAS drives, and an alternate set of 8 for dual-channel SAS drives. All this is powered by only a pair of molex connectors. A portion of the cage is missing in order to allow a graphics card to be installed, though this does limit you to seven drives.

While the cage is cooled by a pair of fans, the frame is fairly restrictive.

Removing the drive cage reveals the cables for the front connectors and the intake fans.

At the top of the case, next to the power supply mount is a smaller cage for up to four 2.5 inch drives.

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