AMD Kabini: Athlon 5350 Desktop SoC

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The Athlon 5350's performance and power consumption is much lower than any desktop CPU we've tested in quite some time, so we compared it with other low power systems and CPU/motherboard combinations. The one exception was the latest Kaveri system with the A8-7600 set to the 45W mode in the BIOS, to give you idea how far away the 5350 is from a traditional desktop.

CPU Performance

Our previous experience with this processor technology was with Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite, an ultrabook running a mobile CPU, the A6-1450, which runs at just 1.0 GHz (up 1.4 GHz with Turbo Core). The A6-1450 was for the most part fairly snappy but we did notice the occasional stutter here and there, even with Windows loaded onto an SSD. The much high-clocked Athlon 5350 didn't suffer from any perceived performance issues and of course also performed stronger in our benchmarks.

In single-threaded tests, the Athlon 5350 was substantially faster than the A6-1450, and stayed ahead of the Atom C2758 2.4 GHz SoC based on Intel's latest Silvermont architecture. The Core i3-3217U was also eclipsed in the multi-threaded video encoding tests, but it's clear the low power Ivy Bridge chip is a superior processor overall. Older nettop chips like the Atom N2600 and G-T56N (similar to the E-350) were completely obliterated.

We arrived at our relative CPU performance scores by giving each system/chip a proportional score in each real world benchmark with each test having an equal weighting. The scale has been adjusted so that the Athlon 5350 is the reference point with a score of 100. By this metric the 5350 is more than 50% faster than the A6-1450 and delivers almost twice the performance of the AMD G-T56N. The i3-3217U has a 20% advantage while the Atom C2758 is ahead by 19% though only by virtue of its strong multi-threaded test results (the C2758 is an octa-core SoC).

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