Scythe Kotetsu CPU Cooler: A Compact King

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The Kotetsu has a traditional composition for a budget tower cooler. Its 56 aluminum fins are friction-fit to 4 x 6 mm thick copper heatpipes, which in-turn, are soldered to a nickel-plated copper base. According to our measurements, the heatsink's dimensions are 130 x 58 x 161 mm (L x W x H) and its weight is 490 grams (tack on another 120 grams for the included 120 mm stock fan).

In typical Scythe fashion, the Kotetsu's heatpipes are arranged in straight rows. Interestingly, the fin-stack is not uniform, with a third as many fins at the center than on either side.

According to our instruments, the fins are 0.35 mm thick and spaced 1.66 mm apart, on average. This arrangement is denser than most modern heatsinks, which typically impedes low airflow performance.

With raised sides, the face of the heatsink is sculpted for a 120 mm fans only. Trenches have been cut into the side for two sets of fan clips even though only one pair is provided.

The base is similar to the Ashura. It has a convex surface with an apex at the center, the peak of a very shallow hill. However, some of the nickel has been stripped away in the middle, revealing a more coppery color compared to the silvery edges.

The Ashura's base is uniform by comparison.

The Kotetsu shares the same stock fan as the Mugen 4, a GlideStream 120 PWM model with a nominal speed of 1400 RPM.

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