Puget Systems Test Bench EATX V1 DIY Kit

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As an open air platform, the Test Bench allows users to easily access each and every PC component. Each part can be simply placed on the platform without any support or screwed down, but for US$175, one might expect a tool-less system that gives the best of both worlds.

The motherboard mounting holes did not appear to be properly pre-threaded so it took considerable effort to get each brass standoff in place (using a nut-driver is highly recommended). For temporary motherboard installs, a set of white plastic pegs are included to keep the board in place instead of screwing it down. Unfortunately, the four pegs provided aren't enough to keep the board from shifting around slightly.

The power supply is mounted underneath the board's rear ports with the fan side facing up.

An optical drive can be affixed with only two screws to the front/left side of the bench. A single 2.5 inch drive can be mounted vertically on each of the rear supports.

The EATX mounting holes on the motherboard tray happen to line up with the side mounting points of 2.5 inch drives. One can hang up to four drives in this fashion.

A pair of LED indicators are included but the green one designated for the power LED is of the 3-pin, variety making it useless in our case.

The fan mount at the back is a bit of an eyesore as it extends upward past the rest of the platform and is only useful for installing a closed-loop liquid cooler.

An assembled ATX system.

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