Fractal Design Arc XL Case

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Like the panels, the internal construction is fairly solid. The layout is traditional, staying true to the design of previous Fractal towers. The power supply resides at the bottom, 5.25 inch bays are located at the top/front, and the 3.5 inch bays sit underneath, separated into two removable cages.

The Arc XL's interior is spacious and the component support is vast. Users can install up to nine expansion cards, four 5.25 inch drives, eight 3.5 inch drives, and seven fans.

Removing two thumbscrews frees the upper hard drive cage, which is rotatable if you prefer that orientation. The lower drive cage can be taken out via a series of screws and may be repositioned closer toward the power supply to make room for a front-mounted radiator.

Tall rubber supports keeps the power supply further off the ground than most cases. Additionally, an isolation frame is attached at the back to dampen any vibration created by the power supply.

Along with the one included 140 mm fan at the front, there are another two at the top and rear, positioned to exhaust hot air around the CPU portion of the system. Two more fans can be placed on the ceiling and this space also supports a thick 240mm or slim 280/360 mm radiator.

The area behind the motherboard tray offers 27 mm of space to hide/route excess cabling.

A pair of 2.5 inch drives can be installed on this side of the case, each in their own dedicated, hard-mounted frame.

The connectors for the fan controller hang down near the 5.25 inch drive bays. The controller is powered via a molex connector and can temper the speeds of up to three 3-pin fans.

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