SilverStone Raven RV05

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Like all Ravens, the RV05's frame is constructed out of steel but aside from the side panels, everything on the outside is plastic. The case measures 24.2 x 52.9 x 49.8 cm or 9.5 x 20.8 x 19.6 inches (W x H x D), giving it a total volume of 63.8 L.

The current design is demure compared to the original Raven. The front panel presents like an angled tower shield with a beak at the top. There is no door as there are no full-sized 5.25 inch bays, just a slim slot-loading optical drive mount positioned vertically on the right side of the top panel.

The plastic portion around the bottom of the case is raised and slanted to give it some extra style points. The space between bottom fans and the floor is greater than in previous models, which should help with air intake at high flow.

The only features at the back are the power supply intake vent and a large gap at the top for routing external cables.

The intake grills are fairly wide open though they are covered with a removable dust filter lined with very fine mesh.

Two USB 3.0 (no USB 2.0 option) and audio ports are located at the top of the case, protected by a rubber cover, while the power and reset buttons bookend the arrangement. Thin plastic portions on either side of the removable top cover were cracked right out of the box, probably damaged during shipping.

The top cover is angular and has thin ridges of plastic on either side that are vulnerable to the type of damage observed on our sample. It doesn't snap on as tightly as older models either.

The panels drop down at the sides, hugging the handles at the top of the case. A locking mechanism latches onto a flap, keeping it in place without any screws. The bottom of the panels seems to fit rather snugly but the arrangement feels a bit loose, even with the top cover holding them in place.

The steel panels are a modest 0.8~0.9 mm thick and exhibit a minor amount of flex when stressed.

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