SilverStone Raven RV05

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The interior of the RV05 is reasonably well built but for the most part it's hollow; that is to say there's plenty of empty space inside compared to previous versions. The motherboard tray is quite small, as is the hard drive cage, and slim optical drive mount is plastic.

Removing the top cover reveals the space for routing cables, a pair of convenient handles, and the three speed fan controllers located underneath the front ports on the inside. Each of the two 18 cm fans has its own controller.

The motherboard tray is half the usual size with a big gap reserved to facilitate mounting the backplate of an aftermarket cooler, and the portion next to it is reserved for the removable optical drive frame. All the cables terminate right next o the CPU which isn't ideal depending on the size of the heatsink utilized.

The vertical airflow scheme is one key component to the RV05's design but the other linchpin is its twin 18 cm Air Penetrator fans. The big fans suck cool air in from below the bottom panel and blow it upward over the entire system including a portion of the hard drive cage. The airflow path follows natural thermal convection.

The hard drive cage fits only two 3.5 inch drives and is secured tightly with screws at multiple points to the chassis. The power supply resides just above it, pulling air through the side and venting it out the top.

The entire top is heavily ventilated and if the two big fans at the bottom are insufficient, you can mount an additional 120 mm fan at the top. Some earlier models included a fan here, but in the RV05, this is optional.

Given the size of the motherboard tray, holes for inserting twist/zip-ties are at a minimum. Cable management is supplemented by cavities at both the front and back that can be used for stuffing away any unsightly excess.

Dual hard-mounted 2.5 inch bays are offered behind the motherboard tray where they can't impede the airflow dynamic on the other side.

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