NZXT Kraken X61 28cm Liquid Cooler

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The X61 is constructed in a similar fashion to most AIO liquid cooling units. The base is comprised of a round plastic structure housing a pump and reservoir inside and a thin copper coldplate at the bottom to draw heat off the CPU. Liquid coolant carries the heat through 40 cm of tubing to a large radiator with tightly wound aluminum coils and is expelled via a pair of 14 cm fans. The radiator measures 31.1 x 13.9 x 2.6 cm by our measurements.

The heat exchanger is thinner than both the X31 and X41 but as it is spread out over an additional fan position, it has substantially greater surface area. The unit has 14 cm mounting holes only, so both the fan placements it's mounted to, and the fans themselves, must have the same.

The radiator coils are just 0.13 mm thick and spaced 1.02 mm apart from one another on average. It's the most densely packed cooler we've ever encountered. The rubber tubing is 10.6 mm in diameter, the same as the X31/X41.

The base is identical in size to the X31/X41, 3.0 cm tall with a 5.5 cm diameter base plate. It shares the same LED feature with the X41, with the NZXT logo on top lighting up in a wide spectrum in colors. The Intel mounting frame is installed out-of-the-box which is appropriate for this particular model given its price.

A myriad of connectors emanate from the base. There's a 20 cm 3-pin connector for the pump, a 30 cm line of daisy-chained 4-pin PWM connectors to power/control up to four fans (only one has an RPM sensor), a SATA plug to power the aforementioned fans, and a 60 cm USB 2.0 connector required for NZXT's software.

A thin layer of thermal compound is pre-applied to the base for convenience.

A quick look at the reflection off the baseplate surface shows it has a slightly convex shape with a center pinpoint marking the apex. Faint circular machine marks are visible with a prominent line about halfway from the edge.

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