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CPU Performance

The CPU is so fast, there was no point comparing its performance with many of the previously tested mini PCs; It simply blows all the Atom and entry-level APU based machines out of the water. Furthermore, the BRIX Pro was substantially faster than the i5-4250U powered NUC.

Compared to the Core i7-4770K, a high-end desktop chip, the i7-4770R has the same maximum Turbo Boost speed (3.9 GHz) but a lower base frequency (3.2 GHz vs. 3.5 GHz), so the results were quite similar. The BRIX Pro trailed slightly in most of the tests (except it somehow inexplicably won the Photoshop test), most likely because the thermal controls kept it on a shorter leash. This was notable during the multi-threaded HandBrake test as the CPU clock speed never exceeded 3.2 GHz.

GPU Performance

The i7-4770R is also equipped with high-end integrated graphics, dubbed Iris Pro 5200, which in synthetic tests, outstripped the best integrated solutions we've tested thus far, and even a low-end discrete video card in the Radeon HD 6570.

In actual game benchmark demo tests, it was about on par with the HD 6570, producing playable framerates at the 1600x900 resolution level with medium to high detail settings. For less demanding and older titles, you can probably get a passable experience at 1920x1080.

For more dedicated gamers, Gigabyte has a gaming line of BRIX systems with either a Radeon R9 M275X or GeForce GTX 760 video card, but we can only imagine how loud they get considering the earsplitting output of our Iris Pro 5200 powered review unit.

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