Thecus N7710-G 7-Bay NAS with 10 GbE

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Like a typical desktop PC, the N7710-G's side panels come off but there's little reason to do so. The back of the motherboard dominates the left side, while the right is blocked off almost entirely by the hard drive cage. The back panlel pulls through, allowing access to the fans and internals. Like most no-nonsense systems, the build quality is solid.

Despite having a typical PC case design, the side panels were surprisingly loose, rattling noticeably when tapped.

On the left side we can see the back side of the the motherboard and a screw holding the card providing all the SATA connections.

On the right side there isn't much to see at all.

Accessing the interior requires loosening four captive thumbscrews, removing the screw/clamp holding the expansion card, and removing the standoffs from the VGA port.

Popping off the back panel reveals the fans, standard 92 mm models with short 3-pin cables.

Removing two more thumbscrews on the inside releases the SATA/RAID card from the drive cage, allowing the board to slide out.

The CPU is cooled by a low profile heatsink and a fan with a standard 4-pin PWM connector. Next to the socket are the DIMM slots, three of the four being unoccupied.

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