Thecus N7710-G 7-Bay NAS with 10 GbE

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Like a smartphone or tablet, the modern NAS relies heavily on aftermarket applications as they can expand its capabilities considerably. At time of writing the Thecus app center had 265 apps available for the N7710-G, though many were duplicate versions, some not actually compatible. Notable titles include Dropbox, CrashPlan, NZBGet, SabNZBd, SickBeard, Transmission, Google Drive, Plex (server), XBMC, PS3 Media Server, TrueCrypt, IP CAM, and Minecraft (server).

Unfortunately, you can't navigate to the app center within the NAS UI, you have to go to the Thecus web site. It's a bit clunky to use as only 20 apps appear on each page and you have to select the NAS model every time you select a different app category to filter out incompatible apps.

Each app has to be downloaded locally first, then installed manually through the application server, and finally enabled before it starts working. Some apps require a certain module to be installed first in order to work. Located on the NAS download page, modules change fundamental functionality, opening it up for other apps to take advantage.

The Local Display module is of unique importance as allows apps to output video. Without it, the only thing a connected display only shows the command line interface. Local Display paves the way for XBMC which works flawlessly, allowing the N7710-G to double as a media player. There's also a Plex app but it acts only as a back-end and can't play any content itself.


Complementing Thecus' app library are a two couple of simple mobile apps, available for iOS and Android devices only. T-OnTheGo allows users the ability to manage and open NAS files remotely while T-Dashboard provides status monitoring and control over a limited number of administrative functions.

T-OnTheGo is a rather simple app that resembles any number of third party file managers available for Android.

Any file can be opened on your mobile device,and you can perform basic file management functions.

T-Dashboard is geared toward system administrators, but it's not very powerful. The only important things it can do is change passwords and enabling/disable network services.

It also obviously lacks polish as some of the text is cut off, even in landscape mode where there's plenty of room.

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